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Our favorite place to eat lunch in Salem is Captain's. Right on the edge of Pickering Wharf, its huge windows look out over the harbor and down on the Friendship anchored at the dock. It is a great mid day stop. Where else can you get Swordfish Steak for $8, Scallops for $7, Grilled Tuna for $9, or Salmon for $7? And these are not low budget fast food. These are upscale restaurant entrees. The kids will love the shrimp pizza.

If you come for dinner, the choices get more sophisticated. There's a lobster risotto (lobster, cheese, chives and citrus) for $14.

Tavern on the Green Our preference for dinner in Salem is the Tavern on The Green in the Hawthorne Hotel.

Regatta is another Pickering Wharf seafood outlet, this one on the first floor of the Waterfront Hotel. If you thought the Tavern on the Green was a bit upscale for your taste, this would be a good dinner alternative. It has a limited menu, but their few items are outstanding. The decor is contemporary nautical, and there's a nice outdoor terrace. If you do choose the Regatta, be sure to try the Roast Butternut Squash Bisque for an appetizer. It's their unique soup, and it's very good. If you don't like soups, they follow the same theme in their Roast Butternut Squash Ravioli which you're bound to enjoy. There's a flatbread pizza which is a bit different and a Fresh Fried Haddock Sandwich on an onion roll if you're not too hungry. The flagship entree for dinner is the Balsamic Roasted Salmon.

Adults who appreciate a good locally brewed beer should try the Ipswitch Ale or Harpoon Ale from the Cape Anne Brewery.

If you want something a little unique, try The Witches Brew Cafe, also on the waterfront, at 156 Derby Street.
Nathaniel's is the other restaurant in the Hawthorne Hotel, and one of the very best restaurants in Massachusetts. Nathaniel's
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