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With beaches, whalewatching, bicycling, history and restaurants, your days will be full. However, if you decide to extend your stay a few days, there are some other exciting things to do on Cape Cod. For starters, Hike to Jeremy Point. The Great Island Trail begins at the Chequesset Neck Road parking lot, which is Commercial Street extended out of Wellfleet. This seven mile walk is one of the most beautiful coastline hikes in North America, ambling through beaches, dunes, wetlands, freshwater ponds, and scrub forest while boats sail by on either side of you and birds circle overhead. Whether or not you can actually get to Jeremy Point depends on water levels, but you can at least reach Great Beach Hill, pretty scenic in its own right. Jeremy Point is the greatest Plover nesting ground on the Atlantic Coast, and a hangout of Harbor and Grey Seals. During your several hours you may see whales spouting or breaching in the bay, and the famous Wellfleet Oysters are gathered just off this shore.

Or try Kayaking. Great Marsh Kayak Tours operates out of Yarmouth and Barnstable, but by advance arrangement they can meet you in Wellfleet and do a tour of the harbor there, around the wildlife sanctuary, or at Truro, around Pamet Harbor and River, or anywhere else you'd like. Pilgrim Lake near Provincetown, or the Nauset Marshes, are other favorites. Their typical tour lasts three hours and costs about $50 for an individual, but of course the group rate is much less. A special experience could be the fly fishing tour run by Scott Dietrich, where he teaches you how to fly cast, then takes you after Striped Bass, Blues, Bonita, False Albacore, Trout or Smallmouth Bass. 508-775-6447. www.greatmarshkayaktours.com. Provincetown's Windsurfing Unlimited also has kayaks.
Sailing is available out of the harbors at Wellfleet, Trutro, Provincetown or any of the towns further down the Cape. They take you out on the bayside, where the water is usually as calm as in the picture at right. A sunset cruise is spectacular, but during the afternoon you may come close to whales spouting, breaching or surfacing, seals playing, and lots of other marine wildlife.. Sailing lessons, including the boat rental, run about $75 an hour. You could choose to either learn to sail, or just take a sailing cruise, like the one we recommended over on Nantucket.
Cape Cod is the second best location on the Atlantic Coast for Windsurfing (Pamlico Sound on the Carolina Outer Banks being the best). You can take about an hour lesson and then try your hand, with a chase boat available to bring you back if the wind carries you too far. Windsurfing Umlimited is on Commercial Street in Provincetown. Lessons, board and sail run $60 for half a day and $80 for a whole day. 508-487-9272. If you plan to do any windsurfing your best strategy would be to take lessons somewhere else, before this trip, so you don't waste your precious time on The Cape learning. Then, you could spend all your time actually windsurfing.
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