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Historic District

Seamen's Inne. This is the main sit down restaurant in the historic district and one of the best restaurants in the area. You really have to eat here at least once for the lobster bisque and seafood pot pie. However, kids with more plebian taste can enjoy the Pub Burger, one of the bigger and better burgers in Connecticut. The fries which accompany it are also excellent. You might want to make this your lunch stop the day you spend in the historic district, but consider coming at 11:30 or 1:00. Right over the noon hour the place is packed, you'll have a long wait, and service will be hurried. For such an outstanding restaurant, lunchtime prices are surprisingly reasonable. Excellent American wine list.

Anthony's. Holmes Street, a block from The Whaleman's Inn downtown. Menu offers many Italian, American and Seafood items, but the reason you eat here is for the stone slabs. They bring you a superheated stone on a wooden rack, with raw seafood or steak pieces. You place the meat on the stone and cook it yourself, raw, medium or well done as you prefer. It makes for a delicious and unique experience. However, if you prefer to let the kitchen do your cooking, you will find they do an outstanding job, especially with any of the Italian or seafood items. Excellent Italian wine list. Consider stopping in here early in the evening on your way out of the historic district. By 8 pm the place is jammed, you may have a long wait, and seating will be cramped.
S & P Oyster Company. This would be a good place to eat on your first night, especially if you're staying at The Whaleman's Inn across the street. Try to get a patio table, where you can watch the boats sailing up the river and the Bascule bridge opening to let the tall masts through. As would be expected from their name, the seafood is excellent. There are the usual bisque, chowder, lobster, tilapia, shrimp, clams, scallops, salmon, yellowfin tuna and crab cakes. But the boullabaisse and seafood cioppino are unique. The roast mushroom ravioli is a great twist. And they still offer fine prime rib, tenderloin and chicken items. There's an excellent French wine list. Even though the desserts are tempting, you might want to resist. After dinner, you'll probably want to stroll on across the bridge and west for a few blocks past all the shops. You'll want to save room for one of the overstuffed ice cream cones they sell over there.S & P offers a good children's menu and you can take a pint of chowder, bisque or chili home.
  Friendly's. The low cost alternative. Friendly's is up by the interstate just north of the historical district, on the left. They have the usual items : salad bar, milkshakes, burgers, macaroni and cheese, chowder and grilled flounder or cod. They also have the usual low prices : $9 for the grilled flounder, $4 for macaroni and cheese, $3 for chowder.
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