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Vermont Fly Fishing is iconic. It's as much a part of the state's history and character as skiing and hiking. In fact, the American sport of fly fishing developed in Vermont and New Hampshire after originating in England and being brought over by settlers in the 1700s. The equipment, techniques and science evolved on these mountain streams until fly fishing was quite different from the sport back in England, where the streams were smaller, warmer and slower moving, fishermen tended to be wealthy landowners, fishing was done at private clubs and resorts, and the most common fish were Mackeral, Salmon and Carp. The art and science of Trout fishing developed in New Hampshire and Vermont. The idea of Catch & Release was also introduced here and is now widely practiced.


Headquarters for fly fishing in Stowe and the Green Mountains is The Fly Rod Shop (photo, left), a store and guide service located two miles out of town on the road to Waterbury. Even if you've never fished before, they can provide you with rod, reel, lures, boots and waders, teach you how to cast, transport you to a local stream and coach you through a day of fly fishing. They'll teach you when and how to use the various kinds of lures and how to read the water. They can even do this for your son or daughter of age 10 or older. If you're an experienced fly fisherman, the Fly Rod Shop is your place to buy equipment or get advice on local streams, fish, lures and water conditions. You can also buy books and maps here. A unique service they offer is a seasonal drift boat tour, in which a guide rows a wooden drift boat for two fishing passengers, with occasional leg stretching stops on shore.

Willie Dietrich also offers half day and full day guided trips through Catamount Fishing Adventures in Stowe. Dietrich operates year round, offering ice fishing December through March.

Another outstanding fishing guide is Keith Colston, who runs Staybent Fishing Tours in Bethel, a small town 50 minutes south on I-89. Colston is also a year round guide, offering ice fishing December through March.

Ice fishing around Stowe or Bethel will yield  Northern Pike, Walleye, Salmon, Yellow Perch, and three kinds of Trout.

During the other three seasons, fly fishing will yield Smallmouth Bass, Salmon, Yellow Perch, Sunfish and three kinds of Trout.

There are seven rivers within 10 miles of Stowe. Trout season opens in mid April.

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