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The favorite type of lodging in the Stowe area is a full service lodge which includes a restaurant, bar, commons area and fireplace among its other amenities.

We recommend The Stowe Village Inn on the north edge of town. It was built in 1820 and has served as an inn for 200 years. New owners Mike and Lauren Soelch have put a million dollars into a complete renovation and updating of the historic property. They've restored the wrap around porch, refreshed the rooms, and totally redone the bathrooms. There are first floor common areas for reading, playing games or enjoying a drink by the fireplace. Windows look out on the village and Mt. Stowe in the background. Some of the rooms have balconies which share this view from a slightly higher viewpoint.

Out back there's a fire pit and views looking down through the trees on the Little River.

Grant's Restaurant within the Lodge is excellent. The huge advantage of this is that after you've been out hiking, fishing or otherwise adventuring all day, you can come back to the lodge and not need to leave in search of dinner. And, since almost everyone is staying for one or two weeks, after a few days you get to know other guests and exchange daily stories during your meal.

The only problem with Grant's is that right now it's only open for dinner and only Tuesday through Saturday. But Mike and Lauren are just finishing their renovations and updatings. By the time you read this, at least they hope to add Sunday and Monday. Then, if they can find wait staff, they hope to add breakfast.

The Bar within the lodge is also a worthwhile stop, but it's also open only Tuesday through Saturday from 4-9 pm.


The Inn has been added to twice. There's a long wing out back and a two story building with larger rooms. You don't see those from the road. The old pool had deteriorated and was not salvageable so they removed it and are remaking the space into a wedding venue.

From the Inn it's only a block to downtown Stowe, and two very good coffee shops are a block the other direction. So in the morning, on a rainy day, or in the evening, you're well located.

With all these advantages, the Village Inn is popular, so you need to make reservations well in advance, especially for September and October.

However, if the Village Inn is full, or if you want to be in the middle of things, the Green Mountain Inn is right at the main intersection in downtown Stowe. Built in 1833, it offers 103 rooms, suites and apartments plus The Whip Bar & Restaurant. The restaurant serves three meals a day seven days a week.

The Green Mountain Inn has hosted a long list of famous visitors, including Presidents, Congressmen, Governors, Executives, Actors, Athletes and Journalists. It has long been a favorite among skiiers. In the 1800s it was a key stagecoach stop.

There are motels and ski resorts out Route 108 between Stowe and Smugglers Notch. Just north of Smugglers Notch there is also the vast Smugglers Notch Resort, but the road through Smugglers Notch itself is closed during the Winter.

If you're coming primarily to hike, you should consider West Hill House Bed & Breakfast down in Warren. It is conveniently located for hikes on the Long Trail and they offer shuttles to trailheads for Mt. Abraham, Mt. Ellen, Lincoln Peak, Burnt Rock Mountain and Camels Hump. You could also check in here the nights before and after backpacking trips, especially the famous trip from Lincoln Gap to Monroe Trailhead. West Hill House is famous for lavish breakfasts and extravagantly landscaped grounds and gardens. Rooms include either fireplaces or stoves, and some include jacuzzis, which are certainly a treat after a hard day on the trail. There are several resturants nearby for dinner. This is either one of, or the finest Bed & Breakfasts in Vermont. It might be an ideal location for a second trip to Vermont.
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