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Intrawest has a serious problem with Snowshoe's location. Unlike its Colorado flagship Copper Mountain, which is just off I-70 a short drive from Denver, Snowshoe is lost in the middle of nowhere. No matter which direction your approach, the ways to Snowshoe are narrow, winding two lane state or county roads covered with ice and snow and usually shrouded in fog. Snowshoe’s loyal legion of fans have experimented for years in search of the best access. Based on long experience, we suggest the following:

If you come from Virginia, North Carolina or points further East or South, or Kentucky or points West, use I-64. From White Sulphur Springs, take 92 north and 39 west to Marlinton, then 219 onto Snowshoe.

If you come from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland or points North or East, use I-79 south from Morgantown. Take state 33 east from Weston, pick up 219 south from Elkins and enjoy a long straight cruise along the Tygart River. This is the safest route.

The problem is there is no interstate cutting through from Charleston to Harrisonburg, due to rugged terrain and various wilderness areas. However, DO NOT be tempted to create your own cross country route using county roads. A long history of deaths and injuries litters these roads, as cars and vans have slid off icy turns and plunged down the mountainsides.

Most especially do not try Route 15 from I-79 over Ice Mountain to Webster Springs, 219 from Lewisburg to Marlinton, or route 55 through Richwoods and Muddlety. We have had students from our own schools killed or seriously injured on these routes. Our own group tried the Ice Mountain route once and had to drive 15 miles at 10 mph with the two right wheels off the road to get a grip on the gravel shoulder. These roads are lined with crosses, bouquets and memorial plaques erected by friends and families of several hundred loved ones. These are beautiful drives in Spring, Summer and Fall. But they are extremely dangerous in Winter.

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