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Getting There
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Timberline, along with sister resort Canaan Valley, is one of the most difficult ski resorts in the Ohio Valley to get to. It sits high in a bowl, and in January and February, there is only one reliable way in and out.

There is a four lane highway planned, and it will eliminate the hazardous sections. But environmental groups have it tied up in courts, so it will be a while.

In the meantime, anyone from Kentucky going to Timberline needs to follow I-64 to I-79, and head north to the Weston exit. Take State 33 through Buckhannon to Elkins. Most of this is four laned and reasonably level and straight. You should stop in Elkins for gas, food and rest rooms, because there is nothing beyond, and by the time you get to Timberline, everything will be closed. Past Elkins, continue on 33 to the crossroads of Harman. Turn left.on Route 32 north to Davis. This sounds easy enough. It's not. You will cross over two high mountain passes. There will be snow on those passes from Thanksgiving to Easter. The road will usually be covered with hard packed snow, some of which will have become ice. The road will be narrow, winding and steep. You won't encounter much traffic, but it could take you from 60 to 90 minutes to go 30 miles. These conditions produce outstanding skiing but lousy driving. Fortunately, road crews plow and ash continuously.


You may also encounter hostile conditions out on the interstate between Sutton and Weston, or, if you're coming South from Pennsylvania, between Morgantown and Weston. We've made this trip many years and sometimes do it twice a year. Twice, we've had to pull off and spend the night in a motel while a blizzard raged. Back home, only a few hours away, it was warm, dry and sunny.

What causes all this science fiction weather is that a high escarpment runs through this part of West Virginia. It basically divides the Ohio Valley from the East Coast. The wind currents brings moisture laden clouds in from the Great Lakes where they meet the high, dry, cold air in these mountains. So it snows. All the time.

Don't let this information discourage you from coming to Timberline. It's worth the trip. You just have to be aware. Allow extra time, drive slowly and carefully, make sure you have good tread on your tires, and check your windshield wiper blades before you set out.

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