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Winterplace is the easiest of all Ohio Valley ski resorts to get to. If you're coming from Kentucky, just turn onto I-64 and follow it East to Charleston, W.Va. I-79 will swing in from the North and together you will head South on the West Virginia Turnpike. At Beckley, W.Va., I-64 will turn East toward Virginia. You should stay on I-79 South for a few miles. Take the Ghent exit, turn left under the interstate, drive one mile to the T-intersection, turn right, drive one mile, and turn right into the driveway leading up to Winterplace.

If you're coming from Pennsylvania, Maryland or Ohio, drive over to I-79 and follow it South to the Ghent exit. If you're driving north from Virginia or the Carolinas, get on I-79 and follow it to the Ghent exit. Coming East from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, follow I-64 to Beckley and turn South on I-79 to Ghent.

Be aware that the I-79 stretch between Morgantown and Charleston is often icy and snowy when the rest of the Ohio Valley has warm sunny weather. The second risky stretch is the Turnpike from Charleston up to Beckley. Always allow more time than you think you'll need. On numerous occasions we have driven out of 60 degree weather into hazardous road conditions. They located these ski resorts where they did because it snows here when it's not snowing anywhere else.

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