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Zion National Park is amazing. It is a long narrow valley, so narrow it's called a Slot Canyon. The Lower Zion is a valley floor flanked by sheer cliffs rising a mile skyward. It's scenic but delicate. Just parking your vehicle and coming in through a tunnel by propane powered bus establishes this as a different experience. Camping or staying at the Lodge is mesmerizing. You find yourself wanting to just sit in an Adirondack Chair and look at the cliffs, using binoculars to find hikers creeping up the trails or climbers pulling themselves up or hanging their hammocks for a mid day nap, hanging from pitons half a mile above you. The Lodge, as most of its national park brethren, is an architectural masterpiece. And the Virgin River, flowing cold through a 100 degree desert, is an inviting place for an afternoon dip.

However, Zion has become SO popular it's best to avoid it in June, July and August. 110+ heat is also a deterrent. We recommend Zion in April, May, September or October,.

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