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Jackson Hole
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Getting to Jackson Hole in Winter is simple. You fly. The surrounding mountains have never allowed railroads in, and the high passes with 20 feet of snow prevent reliable road access. Fortunately, all three remaining major airlines --- United, Delta and American--- fly into Jackson Airport daily from all major cities. United runs a popular flight leaving Chicago at 9:00 a.m. and arriving at Jackson Hole at 11:30 a.m. American runs a mid day flight which leaves Chicago at noon and arrives at Jackson Hole at 2:30 pm. Both flights are nonstop and you should try to get a window seat because as you descend into the valley the views of the Tetons are breathtaking. The view at right is typical of the airport during ski season. But it's hard to get good photos with temperatures below freezing and snow and wind blowing. So, Yes, we admit we took some of these photos in better weather. airplane in snow
airplane at Tetons As you can see from the photo at top, the Jackson Hole Airport is new and state of the art. It serves a demanding clientele : politicians, movie stars, pro athletes, corporate executives, media figures, etc. You're likely to find yourself standing in line or sitting next to one of them. Resist the temptation to snap a selfie. It's considered extremely bad manners here.
Skiiers fly into Jackson Hole not only from all over the U.S., but from all over the world. There are a lot of flights, but the planes which can squeeze down into this tight valley with its short runways are smaller bodied with fewer seats. You must make reservations at least a few months ahead. That will also help you obtain good prices. American at Jackson Hole
plane & Tetons

Jackson Hole is a very compact valley. The town, the ski resort and the lodging are all close together and close to the airport. Shuttles connect them all. You may need to contact your lodging and let them know when your flight is due in.

Your biggest problem will be in packing. Fitting a week's worth of cold weather ski clothes into a suitcase and then keeping careful track of your hard plastic ski protector as it comes through your home airport and then the Jackson Hole Airport will be tricky. These small planes do not have large baggage capacity, so expect weight and size limits to be tightly enforced. One suitcase and one ski protector will be your limit. Be very careful at the Chicago airport to make sure your baggage and skiis get loaded onto your Jackson Hole flight. We suggest carrying your ski boots as take on luggage.

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