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Some of the best Disney restaurants are inside the resorts. And there's a good mix of resort restaurants, from inexpensive to moderate to pricey. All of them honor the Disney Meal Plan, but the moderate and premier restaurants may require reservations, especially on weekends, and some of them will charge you double, that is, charge each of you for two dinners.

There is great debate about which Disney restaurant is the best. Whether you think Narcoossee's (in the Grand Floridian Resort) serves the best food depends on your taste, but it certainly has the most spectacular location. You look across Seven Seas Lagoon to the Contemporary Resort and the Magic Kingdom. Brightly colored sailboats drift back and forth as the sun drops to the horizon. At dark you can watch the electric water parade on the lagoon and the fireworks display over the castle. There's a wrap around deck outside. This is just a gorgeous place for a romantic dinner. Service is impeccable. There's an extensive wine list. And the food is excellent. This is one of Disney's Signature restaurants, so it's pricey. If you're on the meal plan, they'll charge each of you two dinners. But if this were anywhere else, it would be a special occasion restaurant. Even before you order, the French Pressed Coffee is the best cup of java you can get on Disney property. For starters, the Apple Salad With Candied Pistachios and the Sourdough Bread are award winners. They consider the Crab Cakes, Sea Bass, Snapper, Filet With Mushroom Risotto and Crab Crusted Mahi Mahi to be their signature entrees. But they have created a Macaroni & Cheese which will probably be the best you've ever tasted. Save room for Dessert, because you'll want to taste their Apple Cake and award winning Lemon Crusted Cheesecake.

Boma is certainly the most unique of the Disney restaurants. It's located in the Animal Kingdom Lodge and features African/Middle Eastern/Indian food. Giraffes and Wildebeest graze outside the windows. The decor in the restaurant, as you can see here at right, is Contemporary African Savannah. As they do at Epcot, Boma rotates its staff on six month assignments from various African nations. This is a buffet restaurant, but don't let that discourage you, because this is probably the best buffet you're ever going to see, with 65 offerings. The menu changes daily. Since many guests at the lodge eat here every day, the restaurant tries to rotate items so over the course of a week people can sample as wide a variety of African foods as possible. However, Soups (particularly the Peanut, Carrot, Crab, Butternut Squash and Seafood Soup With Black Lipped Mussels), Couscous, Falafel, Paneer, Fufu and Hummus are always good, no matter what the daily flavor is. Salads and Fruits are good, too, as long as you come with an open mind and can appreciate greens and fruits which might be a bit different than what you've ever had before. You need to take a chance on Cucumber Papadew Salad and Watermelon Rind Salad, which are unexpectedly delicious. Boma's signature items are their Cocunut Curry Chicken Stew, Tamarind BBQ, Lamb Curry, Spare Ribs, Pistachio Salmon, Roast Beef Cooked In Spices, Mustard Pork, Bobote (Nigerian Quiche), and the fresh meats carved to your order from the spindle. Among all the sides, be sure to try some of the Peanut Rice. There are so many desserts you have to control yourself. We recommend the Passion Fruit Panna Cotta and their signature Zebra Domes, one of the greatest desserts in the state of Florida. Beer conneisseurs will appreciate their fine stock of African Brews, and if you like mixed drinks, the Agave Nectar Margarita is one of the great margaritas out there. The West African Fruit Punch is memorabl, as is their Moroccan Coffee. If you're not staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, you need to make an evening of this. Make your reservation for later in the evening and come two hours early so you have time to wander around the beautiful lodge, stop at the African Cultural Center, and spend an hour at the observation spots watching the animals grazing on the savannah. We recommend eating late here, anyway. Early in the evening, the families returning to the lodge from the Animal Kingdom eat, so the place is both crowded and noisy. From 7:30 on it quiets down and the lines at the buffet are much shorter.

1900 Park Faireis the best standard buffet at Disney. It's a very classy restaurant in The Grand Floridian Resort. You have the added feature of the Cinderella Gang : Prince Charming, Stepsisters, Fairy Godmother, Evil Stepmother, and of course The Princess herself. They come to your table, pose for photos, etc. If you have your own princess, this is a MUST. There's a generous Casesar Salad, and four Soups (Mushroom, Tomato, Asparagus, and the house specialty Chilled Strawberry, an outstanding creation). Their best sides include Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Broccoli and Corn. Entrees are Roast Beef (which many Disney veterans think is the best on the property), Salmon, a very good Chicken Marsala, Cheese Tortellini, and Italian Sausage With Peppers. For dessert we highly recommend their Lemon Cheesecake and Bread Pudding, although the Key Lime Tarts are good, or you could opt for the Soft Serve Ice Cream with a dozen choices of toppings. The annoyance here is that you go through the cafeteria line for your food but built into the price is an 18% tip for the servers, who only take away your dishes and bring the ticket. If you are not staying at The Grand Floridian, come early or stay late so you can wander around this magnificent hotel and grounds. The lobby alone is worth several photos. Cconsider eating early so you can watch the Electric Water Parade and fireworks just across the Seven Seas Lagoon.

Boatwright's is the best kept secret at Disney. This Port Orleans restaurant serves great Cajun cuisine in beautiful surroundings. Unlike most Disney restaurants, this is quite spacious, so tables are further apart and you have plenty of elbow room. Their menu is limited but outstanding. Among their starters, we recommend the Crawfish Bites With Remoulade Sauce. French Onion Soup is very good. The menu usually has seven entrees : Prime Rib, Beef Medallions, Pork Chop (grilled in a bourbon BBQ sauce with cheese grits) , Jambalaya, Blackened Fish Of The Day With Grit Cake and Stewed Green Tomatoes, Mac & Cheese, and Voodoo Chicken. The ones loyal customers rave about are the Beef Medallions, Pork Chop and Blackened Fish. Their Corn Bread is among the top three at Disney, and the Sweet Tea is the best. Memorable desserts are Pecan Pie and Rum Raisen Ice Cream. They don't do a great job with mixed drinks but their wines are excellent. On the rare chilly evening, ask to be seated near the fireplace. Bob Jackson does a famous vaudeville routine on the piano in the adjacent River Roost Bar, and the sound filters in, so you get free entertainment.

The Wave is the cutting edge restaurant in The Contemporary Resort. This is in the same price bracket as Chef Mickey's. We recommend it over Chef Mickey's if you are not interesting in the hectic, kid oriented character meals. The restaurant is located in the bottom of the resort with no windows, but it has a sleek glass, metal and wood decor which seems vaguely Japanese or European and very chic. Chefs at The Wave use only organic ingredients from Florida supplers, except for their Coffee. Ir's an organic pressed flavor, from Los Santos in Eastern Colombia, one of the two best coffees at disney. They create some rather unique items, like their Vegetarian Burger and Papaya Slaw. This is a very 21st Century menu and will not appeal to those with traditional taste. But it's well prepared and tasty. Among the appetizers, the Wave Cobb (artisan greens, all natural eggs, bacon, avocado buttermilk dressing, cheese, and tomatoes), Citrus Duck Salad (tomatoes, goat cheese and orange vinaigrette), and Harvest Salad (apples, walnuts, cheese, ice wine vinaigrette) are very good, and there are Crab, Shrimp and Scallop items. The Seasonal Soup is always excellent, as is the Black Bean Chili. The entree menu is short. The Tomato Braised Short Ribs (with sweet potatoes, cider braised brussels sprouts and candied elephant garlic), Curry Vegetable Stew (with butternut squash, asparagus, apples, and jade rice), and Whole Grain Penne Pasta (with shrimp, clams and mussels in a fennel-tomato broth) are their signature items. There's always a Fish of the Day (with edamame stew and cilantro chutney). The Oven Roasted Chicken, Marinated Flat Iron Steak (with ginger, beans and noodles), Pork Tenderloin and Grilled Beef round out the menu. Their beverages are a bit different. There's Silk Sachet Tea, Orange Blossom Pilsner (containing 30 per cent orange blossom honey and no refined sugar), Organic Blonde Ale, Caramel Brown Ale, and an $8.00 sampler of all three beers. You can also order four different kinds of three- wine samplers from their very good wine cellar. For other tastes, there are Milkshakes and Smoothies. Consider eating early so you can finish and be up on one of the decks by dusk to see the electric parade on Seven Seas Lagoon and fireworks over the Magic Kingdom. If you're not staying here, you also need time to explore this magnificent resort, which when Disney World opened in 1975 was its most expensive facility.
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