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Michigan’s Petoskey is the northern outpost of our region. From Lexington, it is 600 miles one way, a hard nine hour drive up I-75, This is not a regular weekend trip. It requires at least four full days, and is best done in five.
However, Petoskey should be on every regional skiier’s schedule. The town boasts three different slopes : Boyne Mountain, Boyne Highlands and Nubs Nob. Leading ski magazines, websites and polls differ on which one offers the finest skiing in Michigan, and even after skiing the three on consecutive days, choosing a favorite is difficult. Taken together, they offer a skiing vacation better than anything in a thousand miles.
Amenities are outstanding. The Mountain and Highlands feature 50 year old lodges and the usual upscale townhouses, condos, cabins and chalets.
Nubs Nob has rental chalets and smaller houses available. Petoskey offers a dozen fine hotels and motels, and another dozen superb restaurants.
The town is not a base village. The Highlands and the Nob lie three miles from each other 10 miles Northwest of Petoskey, while the Mountain lies 14 miles to the East.
But the quality of lodging and especially restaurants beats anything available this side of Vail. The most elegant obviously carry higher prices, but some very good inns can be found at surprisingly reasonable prices.
Petoskey makes a fine Christmas break trip. It would also work at Thanksgiving or Spring Break at shoulder season prices, but that early or late some trails might be closed.
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