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Seven Springs is the Mercedes Benz of South Midwest Skiing. It doesn’t have the money Intrawest pours into Snowshoe. It doesn’t have the total number of slopes of the Petoskey Three. And it doesn’t have the mountain of Timberline.
What it does have is elegance, class and charm. The Seven Springs Lodge is one of the classiest ski facilities on the continent, bar none. It’s huge, and in addition to its tremendous number of rooms contains several superb restaurants, an indoor miniature golf course, several stores, a fitness center and a great swimming pool.
The warming hut up on the ridge is large, comfortable and serves excellent food. It’s as big as several stand alone day lodges at smaller ski slopes across the region.
No one has better snowmaking equipment. Seven Springs is a demonstration of state of the art guns and nozzles, well maintained, effectively used. The Laurel Mountain location guarantees cold temperatures and plentiful snowfall, but with its great snowmaking, SS offers the longest season in the region.

And the slopes are beautifully designed. This is the same ridge and drop skiing as everyone else in the region except Timberline offers, but this is a long, high ridge and the trails use the terrain to maximum effect.
Parking can be difficult because of the long, narrow valley lot winding along with the lodge. But there’s a tubing hill, a dorm for youth groups, a classic cruising run, slopeside rental condos, and a challenging NASTAR course.
Seven Springs is best accessed from the Pennsylvania Turnpike at Somerset. State roads coming in from the South are fine in clear weather, but dicey in the usual ice and snow conditions of January and February.
Due to its location just east of Pittsburgh on major highways, Seven Springs draws the biggest crowds in the region. But they’re a laid back bunch. They favor late nights and midmorning wakeups. Wake up early, eat breakfast at one of the restaurants and make it to Rope Drop. You’ll have two hours of great skiing before the lift lines begin building. And don’t even think of skiing Seven Springs during Christmas, Martin Luther King or President’s weekends.

Lifts are another Seven Springs asset. These are high speed, large capacity, user friendly lifts, surpassed in the region only by Boyne’s.
Winter and skiing always provide excellent photo opportunities, but this is the most photogenic resort in the region. From any angle, this is a beautiful lodge. The various landscaped ponds (which supply the snowmaking water), the snow laden trees and the wide open Colorado style landscape combine to create scenic panoramas that look like they belong out in the Rockies.
You pay a price for all this class and charm. Only Snowshoe in the region charges higher lift and lodging rates than Seven Springs. Consider coming during the shoulder seasons or during the week to whittle those down somewhat.
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