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Seven Springs
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There are plenty of good places to eat at Seven Springs, but choice may depend on where you're staying and what you want. If you're staying at the main resort lodge, obviously your most likely choices will be the restaurants in the lodge. Above left is the Slopeside, a family style casual restaurant. Above right is Helen's, a more elegant facility with food as fine as you'll find at any ski lodge in the country. If you're staying in Somerset, your first choices will be the Diner or Italian Oven or one of several more good spots along the highway connecting the two. If you're staying at the RR Hotel in Mt. Pleasant, their own restaurant is charming, very good and reasonably priced. At right is their counter, where you might stop for breakfast or a snack on the way to or from the slopes. Behind the camera here are booths and tables where you would eat dinner.

The Diner. You can't spend a weekend in Somerset and not eat at The Diner. This is one of those classic old 1940s diners, looking like it was originally a railroad car. It wasn't. It was built as a diner, brought here in parts, and assembled on the site. But inside, it has the counter and stools, the booths lining the outsides, lots of windows, and the 1950s menu and prices. The Diner is across the street and half a block down from the Holiday Inn, right near the interstate. There isn't much parking, so if you're staying at the Holiday Inn, you're better off leaving your vehicle up there and walking down. When we stay at the Holiday Inn, we especially like eating breakfast at The Diner before driving out to the slopes. For a few dollars, you can have a traditional hot, tasty, filling breakfast that will hold you until lunch. Groups on tight budgets can also eat dinners there, where the daily Specials are frugal but filling.
The Italian Oven. On the South side of the highway just outside of Somerset heading toward the resort.(If you're staying at the resort and driving in just to eat here, it would be on your right as you come up the long hill into town.) Set back in a shopping center. The usual franchised Italian food, reasonably priced with good sized portions. But worth stopping for the Roast Red Pepper Soup. We look forward all year to our annual Seven Springs trip so we can enjoy this treat. It's the best we've had. We've talked to truck drivers and other skiiers who claim it's the best in Pennsylvania. As you can imagine at a good Italian restaurant, a heaping order of spaghetti, meatballs and sauce fills one back up after a cold day on the slopes and is inexpensive. But The Italian Oven also has the other traditional Italian items and they're all pretty good. If you have kids along they'll probably gorge on the pizza, which is also very good.
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