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Wisp is a curious little place. No one knows quite what to make of it. Many skiers think it’s the region’s greatest day slope masquerading as an overnight resort. But a major national ski magazine last year called it The Tahoe of the East. Hundreds of Maryland and Virginia families buy season passes and declare it their Home Mountain. But you can ski everything here in a morning. Wisp’s lodge was already one of the best in the region and now they’re expanding it. But there’s nowhere else to stay. Wisp with a 3080 summit is at a lower altitude than any of its regional rivals. But because of its precise location where northern cold air collides with Chesapeake Bay moisture, Wisp receives 200 inches of natural snow a year and sometimes they ski until April. We have gotten snowed in here in early March.

The harsh reality is, if you only ski one or two weekends a year and want the best return for your dollar, you need to go somewhere else. Wisp offers only a 610 foot vertical drop, 100 skiable acres, 17 trails and seven chairlifts.
However, if you ski eight or 10 weekends a year and like variety, you really should add Wisp to your schedule.
If nothing else, it takes you back to the roots of the sport. Before the megabuck corporations took over with their millions, American ski resorts looked precisely like Wisp. Everybody had a great time, and almost all of the resorts made a profit.

And Wisp is beautiful.

From almost anywhere on the mountain, you’re looking down on Deep Creek Lake, a long, narrow body of water with great fishing and quite a summer tradition of boating, water skiing and swimming. This is where the Tahoe reference came from.
It is certainly accessible. Just a few miles off I-68, Wisp is easier to get to than Timberline, Canaan Valley or Snowshoe. It is three hours from Washington, two from Pittsburgh and four from Cincinnati.
And it’s a lot less expensive than its regional rivals. You could come to Wisp two or three times for what you’ll spend on one weekend at Snowshoe.
This odd little resort, the easternmost outpost of the Ohio Valley Region, is embarking on an ambitious expansion. New lifts, more trails, and the usual slopeside village are on the way.
Wisp has been around 48 years and, while it doesn’t get the attention of its bigger rivals, it plans on being around for quite a while to come.

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