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Your choice of lodging at Wisp is easy. You’ll stay at the Wisp Lodge, also known as The Wisp Mountain Resort Hotel. Apart from a few bed and breakfast homes or some small rental chalets, it’s the only game in town. But don’t worry. It’s a great old facility. Wisp has been here since 1956, and this lodge has been expanded four times, so there are sections. The hallways snake around, and you can tell when you’re going from one section to the next. In the photo above, that is ALL lodge : the tower in the background, the angled building to the rear left, and the rustic looking green roofed building in the foreground. They've been built and updated over six decades. But somehow it all works. There is a great indoor heated pool, and a big league video game arcade. The rental outlet is very efficient. There’s a fast food restaurant. The pizzeria here serves up a better product than what’s available in most ski lodges. And the full scale restaurant is outstanding. Whether ordering from the menu or sampling the buffet, patrons enjoy the best of Maryland cuisine, which includes Chesapeake Bay seafood items plus mountain trout and other inland items. The photo at right was obviously taken in the Summer.

The lodge offers some interesting rooms which serve families or groups well. One configuration includes a front bedroom, central bath, and rear bedroom. Parents could take the front, thus controlling who comes and goes, but will still have privacy once the kids are in bed in the back. Both rooms have tvs.

The lodge also headquarters the ski school, a lobby with fireplace, and a large and well stocked store.

This is the facility Timberline, Canaan Valley, Winterplace and Perfect North need.

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