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Established in 1995, Outpost USA is America's oldest Adventure Travel website. Its thousand pages contain information and photos to help you plan day, weekend or two week trips. Coverage includes hiking, canoeing, backpacking, rafting, skiing, bicycling, amusement parks, historical sites, cities, beaches, national parks and even Route 66. Details on lodging, restaurants, trails, rivers, slopes, rides, beaches and other features are included.

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You will immediately notice the menu bar is not in alphabetical order. It is in order of popularity. Hiking is the section most frequently visited, so we place it first. Beaches is the section least frequently visited so we place it last. This is not purely due to popularity. Beaches have the shortest season. Readers visit our pages as they are planning trips, and they're not usually planning beach trips in the Winter months. But our readers hike from March through November and some of them use insulated boots and/or snowshoes and hike year round.

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The destinations radiate out from Kentucky but include trips to all corners of the nation.

Please notice we accept no ads from ski resorts, rafting companies, amusement parks, hotels, restaurants or any other travel related companies. This means our content is not influenced by money, and makes us quite different from the other travel websites you find. We do accept media passes from various sources which enable us to experience what we review, but this is standard practice in travel journalism, similar to press passes at sports events.

70% of our readers live in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana and another 20% live in states adjacent to those. So our routefinding directions start from there. But 10,000 of our readers each year visit the Outer Banks, 20,000 visit Disney World and 1100 drive out Route 66 to the Grand Canyon.

Unlike many web sites, we never evaluate anything we have not personally experienced, be it trails, rivers, slopes, rides, lodging, restaurants or beaches. And we return to these sites annually, to keep the information as up to date as possible. Whenever you see an asterisk (*), it means that section or page is temporarily unavailable while we update it.

This is not a site where readers post their own reviews. While that is an easy way to create content in a hurry, it is not reliable. You don't know who the people are. The internet is filled with restaurants, motels, guide services and others paying their employees to go to those sites and post negative reviews of their rivals and glowing reviews of their own businesses. Here, you can get to know us, then read our reviews confident that we are very consistent in what we're looking for and what we dislike.
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