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Bryce Canyon is a great trip. It's one of the most spectacular national parks. There's a beautiful old lodge, cozy log cabins, a wonderful restaurant, and two outstanding camp grounds. It's primarily a day hiker's park, with 90% of the trails beginning and ending close to the lodge and cabins. Because of the desert locale, there's no humidity and few bugs. In Summer, the chance of rain is remote. Summer daytime temperatures rise into the 80s, but nights cool down to long sleeve or jacket weather. A constant breeze ripples across the rim all night. You don't need to pack much --- shorts, t shirts, a rain poncho and broad brimmed hat are the standard uniform. You'll be in a world of pinks, yellows, oranges and reds, and trees adding a little green relief. It is, as Edward Abbey once wrote, "A Festival of Light." Bryce is a photographer's fantasy. You'll see plenty of wildlife, from Prairie Dogs to Deer to Mountain Lions to Bear to Antelope to Lizards to a wide array of birds. A free shuttle service constantly runs between the trailheads, lodge, campgrounds and visitor center. It's a very relaxing park; there are lots of people here but they're dispersed over a wide area.

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