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There is plenty of lodging available on Hatteras, but you have to make several decisions first. How big is your group? What are you coming to do ? Do you want a campsite, motel, bed and breakfast, small or large house ? Where on the island do you want to stay? You should make reservations by January. After that, you'll find something, but it may not be your first choice. For family reunions, corporate retreats or school or church groups, we like a large house. For a normal middle class family, we like a small house. There are also "Taj Mahals," or "MacMansions," extremely large and plush castles with correspondingly high rates. These have swimming pools, in home theatres, exercise rooms, pool tables and other amenities. They're great but they're appropriate mostly for corporate retreats or family reunions, where you have 18-20 people to spread the cost. In the rental field, we recommend three companies. As long time Hatteras Island vacationers, we've dealt with all three, and they are all excellent.
Hatteras Island is ideal for nightly beach fires and the hot dogs, marshmallows, baked potatoes and other foods that go with them. Every day tides bring in a fresh supply of driftwood and dried seaweed for another fire. And after dark, like it has for 150 years, the lighthouse beam comes on, sweeping across the beach and houses every several seconds. Notice the girls wearing their jackets even in July. Those cool breezes off the ocean make air conditioning almost irrelevant.
The various real estate agencies compete for clients based on the services they provide. Hatteras Realty guests enjoy a variety of special evening programs. One of the most popular is the Coastal Cooking Seminar hosted every Wednesday by Bob Barris. He demonstrates how to select, prepare and cook Chowder, Clams, Crabs, Shrimp and Flounder and serves the audience generous portions of each. Along the way, he talks about restaurants, seafood markets, fishing boats, and other topics relevant to seafood. Vacationers not staying at a Hatteras Realty house can still attend the seminars but will need to register in advance and pay a $10 fee. The seminars have a maximum capacity of 30 and often fill up, so if you're interested you should stop by the Hatteras Office in Avon and sign up a day or so early.
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