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Yes, we recommend Yellowstone National Park as a Winter trip for skiiers. No, there is no traditional downhill skiing in Yellowstone. But skiiers love being outdoors in the Winter and seeing unique Winter landscapes. And Yellowstone offers you the most unique Winter experience in the world. Nothing --- NOTHING --- compares to Yellowstone in the Winter. Deep snow, subzero temperatures, ice fogs, Geysers and thermal pools erupting hot steam into the frigid air, wildlife ignoring human presence in their search for warmth, interesting forms of transportation, snug log lodging and activities like snowshoeing and horseback riding fill the week. And there's even skiing. Cross Country Skiing. If you've never done it, this is an ideal time and place to learn. If you have, this is the finest CX skiing you've ever experienced. So, Yes, we urge you to seriously consider Yellowstone for your next winter expedition. It will provide you memories, photographs and stories for the rest of your life. thermal pool
snocoach Part of the adventure of a Yellowstone Winter is the unique transportation. Snocoaches, SnoKats and Snowmobiles are the only vehicles able to navigtate the deep snow, drifts and ice. They run on tank treads and skiis. In addition to running guests back and forth to Old Faithful Snow Lodge, the Snocoaches make daily runs to Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone Falls and other sites. These odd vehicles have comfortable van-like seats, heat and other amenities. Their suspension tends to be a little bouncy, but that just adds to the fun.
Yellowstone in Winter is a wildlife extravaganza. Winters get extremely cold and snowy here, so for thousands of years the animals have hovered in and around the geyser basins, hot springs and thermal pools. The steam keeps them warm, the water around the edges is liquid and drinkable, and the heat melts off the snow and ice so they can graze on the grass. You could spend your entire week taking photographs of Bison, Wolves, Elk, Eagles, Snowshoe Hares, Bears and others. Bison grazing
Snowmobiling is a major sport in Yellowstone. You can rent one and head out for a day on your own, or you can take a guided tour of half a day or a whole day. There are seven favorite destinations, so you could spend a whole week here snowmobiling every day and never retrace your tracks. The guided day long trips incloude a hot lunch on the trail. Even if you've never been on a snowmobile, the guides will teach you how to ride and operate one and make you into a reasonably skilled snowhound in several days.
Cross country skiing and snowshowing are also hugely popular at Yellowstone in Winter. They rent equipment, provide lessons and lead tours paced for beginners, intermediates and experts. You could thus spend a day near the lodge watching and taking pictures of geysers, wildlife and snowscapes, a day on a snowcoach tour, a day snowmobiling, a day snowshoeing, and a day cross country skiing. This would give you a five day stay that would be one of the most memorable trips of your life. CX skiing
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