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Mammoth Hotel Restaurant
Getting There
You won't have much choice about restaurants on this trip. If you come in through Bozeman or West Yellowstone, you'll stay there in a Holiday Inn and eat at the hotel. If you come in through Jackson, you'll have the choice of restaurants in the downtown area. If you take the shuttle through Mammoth you have the Mammoth Hotel Restaurant. And once you reach the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, you'll eat all meals at the Obsidian Restaurant (shown here) or Granite Grill. There's good news and bad news in this lack of choice. The bad news is, thanks to the lack of competition, prices are higher than you might like. The good news is the Holiday Inn, Mammoth and Snow Lodge restaurants are very good, and of course Jackson restaurants are excellent. Snow lodge restaurant
Mammoth Hotel restaurant The Mammoth Hotel Restaurant, shown here and at top, is outstanding. The Smoked Trout Plate and Roast Red Pepper & Gouda Cheese Soup are great Appetizers.. There are several outstanding drinks you should try : the Huckleberry Margarita, Mammoth Lemonade, Bee Sting, Hot Apple Pie (a cider concoction), Huckleberry Hot Chocolate (a creme liqueur stirred into hot chocolate) and Montana Honey Moonshine. We love the Wild Game Chili. The Trout Tacos and Bison Tacos are unique, and the Entrees are a celebration of Montana bounty. The Locally Raised Beef Meatloaf, Wolf Ridge Lamb, Parmesan Trout and Bison Top Sirloin, plus numerous gluten free and vegetarian items. Both the Obsidian Room at Snow Lodge and the Mammoth Hot Springs Lodge Restaurants are run by Xanterra Management, yet their menus are different. These photos will soon be outdated, because Mammoth will undergo a year long total renovation and modernization.

For being a major national chain which has standardized its hotels as much as possible, there is an amazing variety among Holiday Inn restaurants. The one at West Yellowstone, The Branch (shown at right), has a menu featuring wild game (Bison Burgers, Bison Pot Roast, Trout, Elk, Wild Game Stew, etc.) and Montana craft beers (Moose Drool, Bozeman Amber, Salmon Fly Rye, etc.).

The Three Rivers Restaurant, in the Bozeman Holiday Inn, has a more traditional menu. There's Trout and Lemon Pepper Halibut, but there's also Tomato Basil Soup, Salmon Picatta, Black & Bleu Steak Salad and Teriyaki Rice Bowl. Steaks include Sirloin, New York Strip and Filet Mignon. Montanans know their steaks and even though this is a lower priced restaurant, expectstions are still high, so these are pretty good steaks, much better than you would get at a similarly priced restaursnt back East.

The Branch
Geyser Grill The Obsidian Room's great appetizer is the Wild Game Sampler. For $10, you get wild boar sausage, cranberries, smoked bison bratwurst, braised red cabbage, pheasant and whole grain mustard. They serve an excellent House Made Bean Kale Soup and a Sweet Potato stuffed with steamed broccoli, garlic and cheese. Salads incloude the Caesar, House, Spinach & Kale, and Corn, Black Bean and Quinoa. Entrees reflect a High Rockies motif : Bison Burger, Bison Short Ribs, Bison Tenderloin and Trout Sauteed with capers, tomatos, lemon and parsley. There's a Prime Rib, Polenta Fritter, Seared Duck Breast in a cherry port glaze, Lemon Chicken, Roast Squash, and Pork Shank. Beer drinkers will love the local brews : Moose Drool, Black Butte, Teton Ale, Salmon Fly Rye, Wheatfish Lager, Bozeman Amber and Ranger. Wines are from California, Oregon and Nevada. The Breakfast menu is full of Pancakes, Oatmeal, French Toast, Yogurt, Omelettes, Biscuits, Sausage & Gravy, Eggs, Fruit and Ham. Lunch features Bison Chili, Salmon Wraps, Lamb Sliders and a dozen gourmet Coffees and Teas.

If you come in through Jackson, on the night of your arrival and the night before you fly lout, you'll have your choice of all the restaurants within walking distance of your lodging. That's quite a few restaurants. You can go to our page on Jackson restaurants.

Pictured here is The Gun Barrel, on Broadway a mile west of the town square. As you can see, the decor is classic Old Wyoming. Prices are reasonable and the food is great. You can pick from Venison Sausage, Buffalo Wrap, Bison Carpaccio, Elk, and the Mixed Game Platter. If you go to The Gun Barrel, be sure to save room for their Deep Dish Apple Pie, one of Wyoming's great desserts. Call ahead for reservations. As you can imagine, it's popular, and without reservations you'll face an hour or 90 minute wait.

Jackson restaurant
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